Pick me UP energy bar

Are you on the go, traveling or hungry for a in-between snack that will definitely pick YOU UP?

Great for a light breakfast, afternoon low, fabulous snack for kid’s lunch box and after sports. Important to read ingredients before consuming to avoid any allergies or food intolerances.

Homemade energy bars

The organic ingredients make this bar very attractive to those seeking nutritious pure food. Just one bar loaded with nutritious ingredients that your body recognizes and is able to digest and absorb easily, gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

Understanding and being aware that healthy choices are part of our daily decision to maintain total well-being is the foundation of healthy eating habits, even when it comes to an in-between snack.

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Important information

“Pick me UP bar” is freshly-home made with love and care so that you can enjoy and taste the beauty of its ingredients. It is about nutrition and not calories, however for those who like to know “pick me UP bar” contains 157 nutritious calories….

Calculate a 4 day delivery for the delicious “pick me Up bar”, as they are always made fresh to order ( minimum of 10 bars). To be consumed within 7-10 days. Keep refrigerated, no additives or preservatives used.

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