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I was amazed by the results my friend had achieved through Carolina’s Gut Reset Protocol! Having been feeling bloated, with no energy and with difficulty to focus for quite a while….I could not wait to start. Carolina presents a manageable protocol and she was there with me every step of the way. The benefits are visible in such a short span of time.

SASKIA, Naarden, NL

The Gut Reset Protocol is the best treat I have ever offered to myself. I was able to change my mindset thanks to the clear way Carolina explains what you have to do. Carolina is the best Nutrition Health Coach that I have ever had! She “walks” during the Protocol every day next to you committed to supporting with her knowledge, experience, and kindness.

VANESSA , Naarden NL

Protocolo de salud y bienestar: Cuando empezamos una dieta todos sabemos que hay y que no hay que hacer para perder peso. Muchisimas gracias Carolina por tu apoyo incondicional y por motivarme cada día para seguir en este proceso lo guardo para siempre pues he visto que es muy beneficioso para todo Gracias !!


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I was amazed by the results my friend had achieved through Carolina’s Gut Reset Protocol! Having been feeling bloated, with no energy and with difficulty to focus for quite a while….I could not wait to start. The structure in which Carolina presents her protocol made it manageable to follow with my foggy mind. Next to that, she was there with me every step of the way. The benefits are visible is such a short span of time – absolutely motivating and amazing! Within a week I was already feeling drastic changes; my digestion had improved, feeling less swollen and so much more energetic than I had in so long! I wish everyone to take the time to give yourself this gift! A re-set of your GUT is a re-set of your LIFE! Thank you, Carolina”

The Gut Reset Protocol is the best treat I have ever offered to myself. Since I followed it I was able to change my mindset thanks to the clear way Carolina explains what you have to do and I became stronger, my spirit recovered power and my body started to experience from day one no more headaches, non-interrupted nights, and having well-rested sleep, feeling an amazing amount of energy and losing weight as a result of nutritious food.
Carolina is the best Nutrition health Coach that I have ever had! She “walks” during the Protocol every day next to you committed to supporting with her knowledge, experience, and kindness in a way that I felt supported and well guided.
I am lucky to have experienced all the benefits written on her website.
This protocol is really an eye-opener about how we have lost track of what our body really needs.
Thanks, Carolina

Primi – Puerto Andratx July 24, 2020 Palma de Mallorca SP
Protocolo de salud y bienestar: Cuando empezamos una dieta todos sabemos que hay y que no hay que hacer para perder peso, pero jamas me había planteado que el cuidarnos por dentro fuese tan importante yeso es lo que me ha echo ver Carolina con su protocolo de bienestar para mi salud intestinalhan sido 2 semana en las que ella ha estado en todo momento pendiente de mi bienestar y dándome ánimos y mucho apoyo para poderlo realizar con Éxito, he de decir que al final de la segunda semana se me ha echo un poco cuesta arriba pero el pensar que estaba mejorando mi organismo y subirme a la bascula han echo que no tirase la toalla , recomiendo este método 100x 100 yo he conseguido mi propósito que era verme mejor por fuera y a la vez me he sentido genial por dentro.Muchisimas gracias Carolina por tu apoyo incondicional y por motivarme cada día para seguir en este proceso lo guardo para siempre pues he visto que es muy beneficioso para todo Gracias !!

Emily May 23,2020 Texas USA
Following the Gut Reset has been an amazing journey. I started by losing my cravings for carbs and sugar, which for me was difficult to give up! Over time I began to notice how much better I felt. I wasn’t as tired or as sluggish. It was as if I found a new lease on life! And, for me, the icing on the cake (pardon the pun) was that I lost 10 pounds! I look forward to feeling this great for the rest of my life!
Thanks Carolina!!

I just finished the first two weeks of the “Gut reset protocol” with Carolina Levie of Pure Food Health Solutions.
It has been a total success. It is not just about weight and volume loss. You learn to eat well, and it’s a way to start again by cleaning the intestines. Very interesting after an intense period of meals, either for family parties or social events or as now, that due to the COVID-19 we are more at home and often eat more than we should.
In my case, it has also made it easier for me to do without medication that I was taking for acid in my stomach. It was a medication that he had been taking for 15 years. At the moment I am taking half the dose, but I think I will be able to do without everything.
Throughout the duration of this Program, Carolina is at your side, every moment, always available for all the consultations that are necessary. I had a headache for a couple of days (it is something I already had before) and Carolina immediately gave me the solution about what I had to add to my diet.
Another thing I really like about this diet is that you don’t have to take any kind of supplements. When this is so, you never know exactly what you are getting into your body, and this is also one of the bases of this program: Eat natural and know at all times that you are eating.
In short, a totally advisable program, for its results, for its monitoring, and for learning for the future.

Thank you very much Carolina.

I started the Gut Reset Program on March 30th, under the supervision of Carolina Levie, after unsuccessfully trying all kinds of diets to lose weight, for more than a year. Being in lockdown mode, due to Covid19, I found it a perfect moment to focus on self-improvement health-wise. It was perfect timing.

Carolina took all the time needed to explain, in detail, the benefits of the program and what would be expected. It was very clear, and nothing was left with uncertainty. If I had any questions, she was ready to support and give an answer. With daily motivational support from Carolina, as my coach, I was able to keep my focus and walk every day as the program suggested.

I not only started feeling great after the first 2 days of detox, when my body was getting used to the lack of great amounts of caffeine, but I started to lose weight and no longer felt bloated, as I used to on a daily basis.

After the first two weeks of the Gut Reset program, I have lost a total of 4 kilos and feel light, energized and have begun to create a solid foundation of new eating habits that will last me a lifetime. I am now in my 3rd week and feel every day more inspired to keep on going towards this healthy way of eating and lifestyle. My awareness has increased greatly as has my consciousness of what I purchase and how I eat it and feed it to my family.

Thank you, Carolina, for this great awakening. I am excited to keep on this path and see the long-term benefits in my life.
Jessica Murillo-Bisbal


I have been in touch with Carolina for over two months and have been learning a lot about changing towards a more healthy lifestyle. It gave me such great motivation and Carolina was a magnificent coach. I have been following the two-week gut reset program and I feel so energized. It helped me to change patterns and made me more conscientious about eating. Thanks so much!

I did, and it was the best decision I have made in a while. Why did I do it? I was progressively putting on weight and feeling sluggish, bloated and was so sick of myself after the Xmas holidays I knew I needed action! Good things come to those who ask, at a networking event I came across Carolina Levie from Pure Food Health Solutions with a 2-week colon detox offer. It felt like “now or never” so I signed up, committed and set to it. Surprisingly it was a lot less hard than I had thought.

How did it work?
We started off with a weighing session (ugh) on her special machine which calculates all other sorts of things: BMI of course and percentage body fat and muscle but also metabolic age and loads of other things (this 52+er was pretty chuffed to hear her metabolic age was 37!). She also measured me and had to answer questions about lifestyle, sports etc and commit to the protocol.
Carolina then made a tailor-made program which consisted the first week of mostly fish bouillon (chicken also possible) and vegetables. Surprisingly, I rarely felt hungry… At the end of the first day however I did develop a violent headache and some nausea which was rather strange seen it had not even been 24 hours, but that was the only negative moment.
Preparing the vegetables was pretty time-consuming but kept me busy and I felt very determined and ticked the days off my calendar every morning. Carolina was fantastic, she apped every day and I could ask questions. I felt fully supported and encouraged.
By the end of week one I was brimming with energy, felt re-connected to my body, no longer felt like there was an alien trapped in my bowels all day, and I had lost 3 kgs. At one point I did miss cappuccino and the crunch of solid food but had at no moment the sort of cravings I used to have.  In week 2 we re-introduced eggs and avocado and I felt really happy with my routine.

What did it bring me?
Weight loss, yes, but mostly feeling active, “clean”, fitter and in tune with my body. The long-term effect is I possess now personal, life-changing information on what food is good for me or not (I used to eat far too many raw vegetables which of course are healthy in themselves but not what MY difficult colon needs). I also discovered ghee and the value of a few spoonsful of kefir and sauerkraut a day as probiotics. My tummy is a lot quieter and hardly ever bloated.
I re-gained self-control and feel proud that I can choose to enjoy coffee, alcohol, and the carbs that are right for me but can do without them and actually feel better that way. This also brought me more mindfulness in my eating instead of mindlessly propping anything in my mouth, I appreciate tastes and textures more. I also sleep better and have less night sweats and surprisingly, though I have no idea if there is a link, the arthritis in my toes was non-existent during the two weeks…
I had not expected the weight loss to stay but it did and yes now I sometimes stray from the plan and enjoy things which are less good for me but I immediately revert to what I know makes me feel good and that is priceless.

Would I recommend this? Definitely! And I will be doing it at least once a year and maybe two times a one-week detox too, as a gift to myself!

Was it expensive? Absolutely not!!! And worth every cent.

I have been struggling to get back on track with my food and exercise and that is why I did the 2 week cut protocol with Carolina from Pure Food – Health Solutions, to give myself a kick start into a healthy lifestyle. I am very happy with the results! Going into this, Carolina helped me understand what the purpose of the protocol is and what I would need to do to succeed. She coached me throughout those 2 weeks and we were in contact every day. She was very supportive and was closely paying attention to how I felt. She made suggestions to what would be good for me when I felt low in energy for example and helped me understand what my body went through.

I lost 4 kilos of fat and other toxins and it helped me feel healthy and confident. Now I’m on to the next phase in which I will be maintaining this process and will slowly introduce other foods and create a healthy lifestyle for myself.

I would highly recommend Carolina from Pure Food – Health Solutions as a coach or mentor in creating a healthy lifestyle. The gut protocol is only one of the many things she does, and it helped me feel more confident and more knowledgeable about how food influences my body.

I just finished 2 weeks of “Gut rebalancing program” with Pure Food Health Solutions / Carolina Levie and feel incredible.

The program was well planned and guided and actually very easy to follow.  At no point was I hungry or in need of anything but the program.

The results are amazing, I lost 5 kilos / 11 pounds in the two weeks and now a week after completing and other .5 kilo / 1.1 pounds. Also, I lost serious waste line and dropped at least from large back to medium.

Actually, this isn’t the best yet, I feel more energized and happier.

So, gut rebalancing is the best method for a quick and focused adjustment. Going to the gym is good, more effective with a personal coach…why more focus, result-driven and support.

I found the exact same in doing the cut rebalancing, Carolina coached and assisted me daily and all the way. If in doubt about doing this or not…don’t wait and sign up is my advice…


It was amazing to have done these two weeks of the gut clean program.
The coaching of Carolina, was fantastic. Without her continuous support I would not have managed to achieve the program. The first three day were the hardest, as sometimes I had a bit of headache as result of kicking of the alcohol, coffee and sugar. There after it was a way of life and feeling very well and fit following the program.

After the two weeks, I am feeling now fitter and healthier than I have ever imagined before starting. I would like to mention that 3 days before beginning with the program I was beginning with a flew, and was doubting to start the gut clean program, as I would not be able to take aspirins or other anti-flew medicines.

But I decided to do the program anyway. I am sure that due to the healthy food, the flew went away. I would recommend everybody to do this Gut Cleaning program, and with the assistance and support of Carolina, was great fun and achieved an amazing result.
Thank you so much!!

For a period of 3 months, Carolina has a coach and advised me on how to eat, understand nutrition better and have I followed her lead with additional nutrition. The result has been amazing. Now several months after completion I am able to maintain my weight balance.

Through Carolina’s guidance, I incorporated in my diet the most powerful plant-sourced products: Manapol, Ambrotose and, Nutriverus to nourish and repair my body system providing me with a strong defense mechanism throughout my recovery. I feel very blessed and grateful to have Carolina Levie as my coach.

Después de dos años de vivir en Amsterdam comiendo de una manera poco sana me sentía hinchada, sin energía, con un par de tallas de ropa más, mi estómago y mi mente me pedían un cambio drástico. ¿Pero Qué cambio y cómo hacerlo?Mi padre siempre decía que cuando tienes una idea y esta es buena, el universo se confabula para ayudarte.

Y, apareció Carolina Levie, me contó, me explico, contestó a todas mis preguntas y finalmente sin pensarlo dos veces comencé……..

Comencé una dieta reestructuradora, depurativa y equilibradora de la flora intestinal que además conllevaba una pérdida de peso y una bajada de talla ¡Que más se puede pedir! Comencé haciendo los caldos de pollo, pescado y huesos,tal y como me había indicado Carolina, estaban buenísimos, a medida que iba tomandolos mis arrugas iban desapareciendo.

Los tres primeros días no fueron fáciles, tenia dolores de cabeza, cambios de humor y algún que otro sintoma tipico de la desintoxicación que se estaba produciendo en mi cuerpo, el apoyo de Carolina en estos días fue esencial, me llamaba y me mandaba mensajes todos los días preguntando como me encontraba, dándome ánimos y explicandome el aporte nutricional de la dieta.

A partir del cuarto día todo fue sobre ruedas, desaparecieron los dolores de cabeza y comencé a sentir muchas más energia asi como la desaparición de “ciertas grasitas”, mi humor fue mejorando me sentía pletórica y llena de ganas de hacer cosas, mi espejo parecía feliz con todos los cambios que yo estaba experimentando y me devolvía mi nueva figura. Finalmente podía ponerme pantalones y blusas de algunos años atrás y me quedaban perfectos.

Mi digestión y mi energía seguían mejorando a pesar de la drástica perdida de peso unos 2.5 kg a la semana. Mi cuerpo respondia a todo lo que le pedía de una manera espectacular, paseos en bici, clases diarias de yoga, paseos al perro, Carolina seguía mandando mensajes a diario y una vez a la semana me pesaba y me media ,se cumplio todo lo que me dijo al inicio de la dieta, pero he de confesar que no me salte ninguna de sus directrices en las dos semanas que duró esta.

Como meditadora, me tome la preparación de las comidas como una meditación en movimiento, el pelar las verduras, sentir su aroma ( mi olfato también mejoro) notar el contacto de los alimentos con mis manos, sentir la diferente textura de cada uno de ellos, sentir que por primera vez estaba nutriendo mi cuerpo con el cuidado y atención que se merecía me produjo una gran felicidad.

Tengo que agradecer a Carolina de todo corazón todo su apoyo, su interés y el cariño que me demostró durante este periodo, me encanto perder no solo peso y talla de ropa sino también algunas arrugas supongo que debido al alto contenido en colágeno de los caldos de huesos que con tanta presencia y atención fui preparando bajo la atenta y cuidada dirección de Carolina

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