Gut Health Protocol

“Health is a state of the body – Wellness is a state of being” J. Standford

This program resets your gut microbiome. Its purpose is to improve your gut health, balance your microbiome, and strengthen your digestion. By doing so it allows for your food to be easier digested and absorbed. It also increases the elimination of waste and toxins accumulated in the body.

Gut health protocol

I help and support you to strengthen and balance your microbiome by assessing your current diet and lifestyle choices. Incremental changes and adjusting behavior are pillars for a sustainable diet behavior.

Two-week coaching
One on One Health Gut Reset Coaching €485 + VAT

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4R’s Protocol for Gut healing:

    1. Remove dietary stressors or inflammatory food
    2. Replace with foods that will nourish those tiny bacteria in your colon. Aiding motility or elimination.
    3. Reestablish or Reinoculate rebuilding a healthy gut bacteria
    4. Repair mucosal lining by consuming nutrients and minerals

The 4R’s pillar approach of functional medicine improve the gut lining and maintain a healthy microbiome. The diversity, richness and resiliency of bacteria are important components that makes a healthy microbiome.

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This protocol empowers you to adjust eating habits and change behavior to build on a sustainable long-term lifestyle.

Incremental changes will lead to slowly feeling better and reduced discomfort in the gut. In addition, you will lose fat around your waist, abdomen, and hips, increase your energy and vitality and enhance your focus and mood.

During the two-week period, you will be guided through a targeted nutritional menu and we will closely monitor changes and results. After these two weeks, a maintenance program is implemented to continue the process of ketosis, burning fat for energy.

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