Corporate Wellness

Employee and company satisfaction: Increase employee productivity, performance, reduce turnover and improve moral.

In my coaching this coorporate program we focus on the benefits of healthy nutrition to increase the feeling of well-being. I consider this a essential part of wellness. By sharing my knowledge we will start changing habits and find the right combination of foods that work for your staff.

Carolina offers Corporate Wellness services

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Understanding the needs and changes required to provide improved nutritious food
  • Introduce as a first step an additional 10% choice of nutritious food to discover a tasting, experiencing, researching, understanding and basics about food preparation
  • Educate about food allergies, introduce choices, inform about ethnic diets, vegan and vegetarian to widen awareness and introduce new consumer behavior
  • Offer advanced nutritional education and dietary choices for weight loss and body detoxification.
  • Cooking and smoothies workshops

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Current situation

Businesses are facing diversity in the work environment with different generations and cultures working together. Their habits in desired food choices will vary greatly and often the offering is very local and budget focused.

Pre produced or half-finished products are the base of the current food choices and are deemed the only way to achieve speed and productivity in preparation. The workforce mostly seated all day, which doesn’t allow for good digestion.

Introducing healthy alternatives and offer for self-composting salad bars or vegetarian/other diets will be a welcome start for your employees.


Promoting nutrition and wellness at work will encourage employees to be fit and aware of how healthy eating habits will affect their energy, productivity, and overall lifestyle.

The objective is to promote nutrition awareness in companies and the impact it has on the health and productivity of their employees. Designing a program to fit the needs of the world globalization in the working place.

Will offer employees nutritious food and experience to allow for personal choices and inform them of the values, effects and impact on their health and body resulting in more energy and lifestyle balance.

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Why corporate wellness?

Increase employee productivity, performance, reduce turnover and improve moral.

  • healthier employees with nutritious and good quality food
  • change employees habits and promote long- term lasting lifestyle changes
  • employees involvement and decision to change and participate in the program
  • reduce stress and lower health insurance premium

Carolina offers Corporate Wellness services for companies that want to improve their employee’s life

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