A warm welcome to the world of nutrition and wellness!
Carolina Levie

To inspire people through pure food to optimize body function and improve health and wellness.

As an integrated nutrition health and wellness coach Carolina will guide and support her personal commitment and desire to transform your individual lifestyle. The focus is on incremental changes that eventually will impact the quality of your life. I will explore ways and opportunities so that you can re-prioritize your routine for the changing goals you want to achieve.

Time to change your lifestyle!

My extensive experience with glyconutrition (essential for cellular communication), my holistic approach and bio-individuality enable you to see all different components that make you unique and that are essential for total well-being.

Gut health protocol

The gut reset protocol fosters the health and diversity of the gut microbiome. I will help and support you to strengthen and balance your microbiome by assessing your current diet and lifestyle choices.
Two important elements in the balancing of your microbiome are:

> What you can remove from your diet or lifestyle to limit harm or destruction of your bacteria diversity?
>What can you positively do to increase diversity and feed your microbes?
“All disease starts in the gut” Hippocrates

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Nutrition & Wellness

Lifestyle and nutrition are important components to achieve total wellness.
The emotional, spiritual and physical well-being are the foundation to move your life forward in a positive direction. I believe that healing starts with listening to your body and understanding the essence of healthy nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. Everyone is a unique individual and what is right for you might not be appropriate for the other. My holistic approach and bio-individuality enables you to see all the different components that are essential for total well-being.

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Culinary coaching program

This program is a journey to build confidence and creativity in the kitchen. In order to change your eating habits, I help you improve your home cooking skills and develop long-term, sustainable lifestyle habits.

Together we work on better understanding the type of food or diet that is best for your body. By adjusting cooking process from your shopping list to the cooking skill we build sustainable food habits.

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Join the gut health journey

In order to bolster your immune system and to improve your general health, stress management, productive sleeping patterns, regular exercise and a well-balanced diet are key. Nutrition plays a key part in this mix. Check my dedicate program for your gut!

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Carolina Levie

Carolina has traveled and lived in many different countries where she has been able to experience and explore the different local cultures and traditions. She especially got inspired by the diversity in food habits and nutrition. Her interest in pure food and healthy eating habits have been the core and foundation of her family life and work today. Her passion, motivation and mission and her real “why” are to impact and transform people’s life.

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Why “pure food – health solutions” services?

Carolina’s focus in education on nutrition and wellness has given her the tools and experience to offer options and new possibilities to those that seek better and healthier lifestyles. Food is the catalyst to a healthy body; however, the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being are the foundation to move life forward in a positive direction. Healing lies in listening to your body and understanding the essence of healthy nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.

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What people say about Carolina

People from all over the world express their opinion.

  • “My absolutely amazing Life Style Coach Carolina Levie has helped me transform my body and mind for the better. Carolina’s approach is fabulous...it’s a very one-on-one open dialogue and learning experience. I highly recommend this regiment to all...you will see what you can do for yourself or a loved one and truly have a better life. I’m are so very excited and am looking forward to learn more about Nutrition and Wellness.”
    Allen, New York
  • Three-weeks ago we made the decision to reset ourselves. We reset our gut with good, nutritious food and rested absolutely stress-free. Both of us are truly grateful to our amazing Life Style Coach Carolina Levie for helping us to transform our bodies and mind for the better. We are so very excited and are looking forward to learn more about Nutrition and Wellness.
    Maria, New York

Homemade energy bars

Great for breakfast, afternoon low, fabulous snack for kid’s lunch box and or before sports. Important to read ingredients before consuming to avoid any allergies or food intolerances.

“Pick me UP bar” is freshly-home made with love and care so that you can enjoy and taste the beauty of its ingredients. Available upon order.

Pantry makeover and Market tour

The first step to start a new way of eating is to identify those foods that keep you from making healthy choices. Slowly we will increment and discover new types of ingredients that are good for you and your family. Eating healthy is an experience that can be shared with all the family.

Walking through the supermarket might be overwhelming; together we will create a list of foods that meet the need of your household. Learn how to make good choices and read ingredient labels, choose easy to prepare meals and above all have fun while getting healthy.

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