Pantry makeover and Market Tour

Knowledge and education

Pantry makeover may sound like a cosmetic undertaking, however, when it comes to your health it’s all about purging out “food” that is processed and engineered in a lab to appear to be real food when in reality it is not.

Pantry Makeover

The first step to start a new way of eating is to identify those foods that keep you from making healthy choices. Slowly we will increase and discover new types of ingredients that are good for you. Eating healthy is an experience that can be shared with the whole family.

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Market tour

Walking through the supermarket might be overwhelming; together we will create a list of foods that meet your needs and of your household. Learn how to make good choices, read ingredient labels, choose easy to prepare meals and above all have fun while getting healthy.

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Pantry makeover & Supermarket tour

An in-home visit where we’ll discuss your objectives for healthy living and food preferences. We’ll spend an hour assessing your pantry and refrigerator, deciphering food labels and ingredients and reviewing grocery guides, before heading to your local grocery store. During the grocery tour, I’ll guide you on purchasing nutrient-dense foods and introduce you to healthier alternatives for optimal health. You’ll receive guides, handouts and other materials for reference.

Initial Assessment

Follow up

Together with Carolina you will clean up your pantry and learn which foods are good and which you need to change or eliminate.

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