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My blog is full of useful tips, scientific information and news related to nutrition and wellness. Through these blogs, you are kept up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

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  • All my life I have had digestive problems that affect my quality of life, with periods of crisis in which I must use medications. I came to Carolina inspired by a friend and the positive results she achieved by following this protocol. Although losing weight was not within my goals, losing a few pounds has been a kind of "reward for effort." I feel lighter and mentally with positive energy. Thank you, Carolina, for what I learned with you and for having helped me improve my quality of life.

    Silvia, Naarden
  • “With a better understanding of the importance of the 'gut' and the support of Carolina, I was able to adjust my mindset and commit to the two-week kick start. There were challenging moments and Carolina was able to explain what was happening, and offered a positive message that kept me on track. There was some weight loss, but I also feel more energy at the end of the day and that my overall mood is changing for the positive. Big thank you to Carolina - highly recommended!”
    Maribeth, Luxemburg
  • “I decided to do the gut reset protocol guided by Carolina Levie. I finished the four weeks protocol and I really feel much better and healthier. I still can’t believe that changing your eating habits has such an influence on sleeping well. I lost the 3 kilos without much effort. But most important to me is that Carolina has motivated me to change to a healthier lifestyle. I learned to prepare simple, nutritious dishes and actually the whole family is benefiting from it. I wish I had come across Carolina years ago!”
    Sonja, Madrid

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