Culinary Coaching

Culinary Coaching is all about the journey!

In my coaching program, I support and empower others to build confidence and creativity in the kitchen, leading to improved eating habits and better health. It is an ideal program to follow after the gut reset protocol. Improve your home cooking as a cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle.

Mission: To inspire and guide your cooking for improved health

Vision: To unleash creativity and build sustainable eating habits with pure food

Carolina is a certified culinary coach from the Institute of Lifestyle medicine and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and a CHEF Coach (Culinary Health Education Fundamentals) Basic and Beyond from Harvard Medical School

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What is culinary coaching?

Culinary coaching promotes nutritious home-cooking to boost your health and build sustainable food habits and empowering behaviour.


  • Incorporate home cooking in your daily life
  • Enhance home cooking skills
  • Promote healthy, nutritious food
  • Improve lifestyle, eating habits and behaviour
  • Adjust shopping strategies and pantry planning

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Advantages of eating fresh home-cooking:

Your health is in your hands. It is a choice and a decision affecting your health and the health of those you love.

    • Cooking is a process that starts from the moment you plan your menu, go shopping, cook, eat and enjoy!
    • You decide the type of food/ diet is best for your body (targeted approach)
    • You design the look of your pantry and fridge. (Processed vs. wholefood)
    • Eating 7-13 fruits and vegetables per day will improve your digestion
    • You are in control of healthy ingredients
    • It is a joy and therefore serves as a stress relief
    • Reduced calorie consumption of carbohydrates, sugar, and unhealthy fats (you know what is in your food)
    • You decide the portions (measured approach)
    • It is less expensive to cook your own food. It is for “convenience” and not for the price that people eat out
    • The nutritional value of a home- cooked meal is far superior
    • It is a solution to many of today’s illnesses and diseases

Added benefits:
It is fun and even more so when shared with friends or other family members, especially children
Inspires others to do the same
Great way of socializing
Building traditions and healthy habits
Improves your energy, weight, clarity, mood, and total well-being

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Four-week coaching includes:

  • Initial assessment of 45 min to identify the client’s needs and objectives. Setting short term and long-term goals to build motivation and commitment in four sets of a 7-day weekly menu, including four recipes for each set
  • One hour zoom call to go over planning, shopping and pantry clean-up/ organizing.
  • Once a week one-hour zoom call. Cooking the recipe you like the most. Ingredients and mis en place ready before the call. From workshop to table, eating with friends and or family
  • WhatsApp follow-up 3 days per week

The price for this coaching. Four week Coaching 765 +VAT

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