Personal Tailored Program

So it does take two, you and me as your coach; – we will start working on a better understanding of your digestion/body functions / fat storage and burning, – we will than work on nutritional values of all food’s leading to being able to separate the good from the bad, – ultimately we will work towards a shift of your intake and food habit routine that in conjunction with physical exercise count for the change and intended result.

We will measure key health indicators, including the percentage of water to total body weight, total body fat and visceral fat. These measurements allow you to detect and track improper balances in your body composition for a clearer understanding of where you stand with your healthwise.

Discuss the drinking/elimination routine since cleansing your body is a key indicator for better results. Your body needs to eliminate toxins to assimilate and absorb nutrients more efficiently.


  • Healthier Body Composition
  • Body nourished with good nutrition
  • Balanced glycemic level
  • Weight management by fat loss and increasing lean muscle
  • Healthy digestion
  • Feeling vital and energized
  • Understanding nutrition to make better choices
  • Create long-lasting habits to maintain a health lifestyle

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