““Pick me UP bar” … is my idea to support you in crowding out unhealthy cheating choices.

The organic ingredient choices make this bar very attractive for those seeking nutritious pure food. Ingredients that your body recognizes, able to digest and absorb nutrients to provide your body with more energy and feeling satisfied with just ONE bar.

Understanding that healthy choices are a daily decision and fundamental for our new eating habits.

Are you on the go, traveling or hungry for a “pick me UP bar” that will definitely pick YOU UP?  

Great for breakfast, afternoon low, fabulous snack for kid’s lunch box and or before sports. Important to read ingredients before consuming to avoid any allergies or food intolerances.

“Pick me UP bar” is freshly-home made with love and care so that you can enjoy and taste the beauty of its ingredients. It is about nutrition and not calories, however for those who like to know “pick me UP bar” contains 157 nutritious calories….

Available upon orders. Orders should be placed 4 days before to ensure that this delicious “pick me Up bar” is fresh and ready to eat. Orders placed have a minimum of 10 bars. To be consumed within 7-10 days. Keep refrigerated, no additives or preservatives used.

To order please contact me